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The initiator and entrepreneur behind Yellow Agro is Willibrordus van der Weide. On this website I would like to explain my ultimate passion and larger mission! I am active as an independent contractor with the majority of work in Eastern Europe. As an entrepreneur, I have substantial international knowledge. Much of this has been gained in processing technology, as used in value added agricultural applications. However, now and for the purpose of this project, my main role is in project management and sales. In March 2015 I decided to return to Holland to establish the foundations of YELLOW AGRO after having spent 22 years abroad. The purpose is to lay a strong foundation for the realization of my ideas and business model. For me the Netherlands is by far the most suitable country to develop Yellow Agro and my ideas, products and projects. A brief resume of mine (cv) can be viewed at LINKEDIN. By means of the site of Yellow Agro you will be introduced to the realization of sustainable agriculture and energy worldwide. I wish you a great inspiration from the ‘Yellow’ energy city of Arnhem, the Netherlands!


De stichting/Foundation Yellow Agro wil betrokken zijn bij het promoten van de duurzame landbouw en zuivel mondiaal voor de wereldbevolking.


Yellow Agro will be involved in achieving sustainable agriculture and energy projects worldwide. Because YELLOW AGRO stands for sustainable agriculture and energy, there is much work to be performed worldwide. Sustainable agriculture has the potential to sequester carbon, feed the world, and enrich the environment. The social, economic, and environmental benefits of this system are reasons why sustainable agriculture is the most viable way to accommodate growing trends. Currently a project develops a model farm. A sample should be included with a campus for the whole world. The construction of this project will be in the country Georgia where the initiator of Yellow Agro has lived for several years. We are open for your interest in this project.


By means of this website you are cordially invited to support the Yellow Agro Foundation mondial projects. Stewardship of the flat earth is our objective. Foundation donations can be received with permission of the Dutch IMI ANBI/charitable status article 6.33 of the Dutch income tax department.

When making donations, you agree with the terms and conditions, including article 8 of non chargeback of any donations. Foundation Yellow Agro is not responsibility for the origin and amounts we receive. By making donations you agreed to have understood the terms and conditions by Yellow Agro. Thanks for the gifts and donations.

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Donations may not exceed the amount of 2.000 euros per donation.


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